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Here a chronological list of the updates and changes to the Porter Family Volume II Website

bulletJuly 29th, 2007 - Added the Disneyland 2007  Will 2006, Flyer's Hockey and Will 2007 pages. Updated the Will's Hockey page.
bulletJuly 28th, 2007 - Added the Holidays 2006, Thanksgiving 2006 and Holidays 2007 pages
bulletJuly 27th, 2007 - Added the Padres Game and Christmas 2006 photos.
bulletDecember 24th, 2005 - Add the Will and Jake Hockey pages.
bulletDecember 23rd, 2006 - Finished some major redesigns to the structure of the family website.  Not too much that can be seen, more of technology change on the server side.
bulletJuly 27th, 2006 - Created the Magic Mountain Family Vacation page.
bulletJuly 16th, 2006 - Created the page about our camping trip in the Giant Sequoia National Monument.  While better later than never, I added the pictures of Jake's Kindergarten graduation in 2005 to the site. Add the Will Mountain Biking page.
bulletJune 24th, 2006 - Added more pictures to the Hockey Website, you can get there via the The Boys hockey page.
bulletApril 30th, 2006 - After way too long without an updated I created The Boys hockey pages.  As well as the Easter 2006, Jake's 7th Birthday, Sea World 2006, Christmas 2005, and The Boys at the Carlsbad Skatepark.
bulletAugust 14th, 2005 - Created the Sea World 2005 page.
bulletAugust 6th, 2005 - Added trailwork and beach pictures to The Boys 2005 page. Created the We Moved! Page.
bulletJune 4th, 2005 - Added pictures of Will learning to surf to the Will 2005 page.
bulletJune 2nd, 2005 - Added some pictures to The Boys 2005 page. Added a pictures to the Jake 2005 and Will 2005 pages
bulletMay 2nd, 2005 - Created the Will 2005, the Jake 2005, The Boys 2005, and the California pages.
bulletMarch 20th, 2005 - Added Jake's 6th Birthday Pictures.
bulletMarch 10th, 2005 - Added pictures from our Family Camping Trip to the Anza-Borrego Desert.
bulletFebruary 27th, 2005 - Created the Volumne II site.  Added The Anza Borrego Desert Road Trip page as well as put up the pictures from Will's Hawaii Trip. Added the Christmas 2004 page and Will's Field Trip to the San Diego Wild Animal Park. (No story just the photos).