Sea World 2005
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On August 3rd, 2005, I took the day off from work and we went to Sea World here in San Diego.   Sea World has been doing a salute to the Military program that gives free one-day admission to each person in the military and their entire family.  That is worth over $200 for us so we could not pass on the deal.   We had a really great time there enjoying both the various rides, shows and animal encounters the park has to offer.  

The Shamu Show is pretty incredible.  It is amazing how such a large animal can lunge itself out of the water so high.


Journey to Atlantis

The boys got a kick out of Sting Ray pool.   The pool was only a couple of feet deep and you could still your hand in the pool and the rays would swim right by and you could touch them.  Don't worry as they all had their stingers removed.




We had caricatures done up of both Will and Jake will there.  I don't I have seen them that still while awake for that long in a very long time.





The Sea Lion and Otter Show

Some of the various critter shots I took while at the park


Here are some shots of Narwhals and trout taken through the glass of the viewing tank.

The Dolphin Show