Will Mountain Biking
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Will has gotten big enough to fit onto a full-sized mountain bike so I have been introducing him into the sport. 

Will's First Mountain Bike Ride

Will's first real Mountain Bike ride was on January 14th, 2006.  I took him out to Los Penasquitos Canyon located near Del Mar about 30 minutes south of where we live.  He did extremely well and rode some stuff that I thought was going to give him some trouble.
We stopped here and there to check out the sights.  Here we are at a small waterfall down in the Canyon.

Here is Will resting at the top of a climb called "Powerline"  it is about a mile of consistent climbing at a grade that will get most people sweating.  Will only had to take a short break in the middle.  The low spot in the background is where the climb started and it went off to our left before bending back to where this picture was taken.

Here is a sequence of Will going down a rather steep hill called "The S#!Ts".   It is called that because it can scare that out of beginner mountain bikers.  Kids are amazing with there lack of fear,  I was more scared watching him they he was riding it.  He barely took two looks at the trail before rolling down it.  I was quite proud of him.

Below is Will coming down the bottom section of a trail called "Sidehill".  It is steeper than it looks and you can gather a tremendous amount of speed.  I think he had a bit on an adrenaline rush at the bottom. 

All together we go in about 13 miles on riding that day.


Sycamore Canyon

On May 7th, 2006, Will and I went out to Sycamore Canyon near Santee about an hour from home and rode around for about 15 miles.  You will notice that Will has a different bike than the one in the pictures above.  I got the frame for this bike from a friend in Utah during a visit out there and built it up to be Casey's mountain bike.   I pretty much had all of the parts laying around from some of my old upgrades and parts friends had given me.  Once Will rode this bike around cul-de-sac, he informed me that this was now his bike and Mom could have his bike as a hand me down.  He put it to good us that day.

Here are a few pictures of Sycamore Canyon during springtime.