New House
Home Up

We Moved!

We are excited to be into our new house as getting a bigger place was way overdue.  We went from a two-bedroom 1,000sf home in Oceanside to a four bedroom house with 2,300sf in Vista, which is the next town southeast of Oceanside.  It has been a tremendous amount of work and we still have more stuff to do but we are comfortably living in it already.  

Here are some pictures from the first few days we moved in Mid-June 2005.

Master Bedroom

View from the front door entry way

Jakes Room
(In the process of painting over the pink walls

Part of the Master Bath

View of the backyard from the Balcony of the Master Bedroom and Bath

Will's Room

My Office/Guest Bedroom.  Casey thinks in should be the Guest Bedroom/Office (grin)

View of the family/sitting room and dining room from upstairs

The Kitchen

More of the  Kitchen

Here are a few pictures from August

  Things are moving along well, but we are still waiting for our new couches to arrive as we had to order them since we could not find the colors we like in stock anywhere.  For the most part we have not hung much stuff on the walls as we want to see the final furniture arrangements before we commit to putting nails and screws in the walls.

Will has done a very good job of setting up and keeping his room clean

Jake on the other hand is our Mr. Messy Marvin

The laundry room; you walk through it as you come in from the garage

Casey is going to have to learn how to take care of roses since we have a rose garden in the front yard.

Here is the outside of the house from the front.

More of Will's room

My office/guest bedroom is coming along although it needs some pictures on the wall.

We have a three car garage and the one car side is Daddy's work/bike shop

The rose garden has various types: white, yellow, red, pink, and some with mixtures of both.

The living room.  We splurged and got a plasma TV and home theater system.  Here the blinds are closed while the boys and one of the neighbor's kids watch a Star Wars movie.