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In the Fall of 2006, I had started assistant coaching Will's team and in the Spring of 2007, I was asked if I was ready to take on being a head coach in the Squirts league which Jake was in.   I nervously agreed and found myself looking for a "Coaching Hockey for Dummies" book.  The league helped me out by getting me a good assistant coach, Fred Glick, and the season turned out to extremely rewarding.   I knew I would get some personal satisfaction out of coaching my own kid, but I was truly surprised at how much joy and satisfaction I got from all of the kids on the team.  Two of the kids had never even skated before this season and it was wonderful to see them progress and come together as a team.


My "Kids" that made up the Flyers











Me and Fred

As the season went on we did real well, but were never able to beat the number one team when they were at full strength.  (Twice we beat them, when one of there stars was either the goalie or out of town).  We had come close over several occasions but they seemed to have our number. 

Every week the team got beater and beater and when the end of the season playoffs came around the team was looking really good, particularly our goalie Chris who seemed to a real natural talent for the position.

I asked the kids before the first playoff game if they wanted a small trophy or a big trophy.  Of course you can guess the answer and I told if they wanted the big one, they would need to play tomorrow as well.   I gave them I was very proud of them and when our loose I was happy to be their coach.   They went out in that game and played their butts off as a team and won with a good margin. 

The following day was the championship game against our nemesis team The Barons.  We were the underdogs, but I let the kids know that this would be their last game together as "The Flyers" so they might as well make it a good one.  I told them that most likely that team that skate the fastest for the longest amount of time was going to win.   The kids went out there and put on an incredible show.  They played with a ton of heart and never once let up on the other team.  That got the first goal within the first five minutes and never let them take the lead.  They won by two goals and I don't know who was more excited them or me.  Either way it was a great season and one I'll never forget. 

Since I was coaching, I obviously could not take pictures as well.  All of these pictures on this page were taken my Will throughout the season.  He would take the pictures and then later him and I would go over them and I would critic and give him pointers on how to compose the shots and and setup the camera.  He did quite well.