The Boys Playing Hockey
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Both Will and Jake are playing In-Line Hockey League now and they both had been doing exceptional. Both of their teams making to the finals round of the during the Spring 2006 championships.  Jake's team, the Panthers, won the championship for the Mites Division (8 and under) and Will's team, The Thunderbolts, in the Squirts Division (9-11) game in second.  Both of them came home with trophies. 

I have setup a separate website to host all of their hockey pictures for not only us but the other parents on the teams as well. You will find not only pictures of the boys but their entire team as well. At it is generally updated within a week of each game. Click here to see all of The Boy's Hockey Pictures.

During the season you can go to the Tri-City Inline Hockey Leagues Website and see latest statistics are how they are playing.

I also pull off the pictures of just the boys at the end of each season and place them their respective areas on the Site.

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