DisneyLand 2007
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So the family was overdue for a vacation so we packed up and spend a handful of days in Anaheim, California at Disneyland and California Adventure.   We had two-day passes instead of hitting up the parks on back-to-back days went traveled one day then lounged.  We then spent the next day at Disneyland, took a day off and went to California Adventure the following day.   Pat joined us for the first day at Disneyland.

Disneyland, July 8th 2007

Some shots from just walking around

One of the first rides the boys did was Space Tours.  Casey and Pat knew better than to ride this virtual spaceship ride.  Casey has a history of leaving "presents" in these type rides

Some in-ride shots on the Materhorn

Here are some shots from the Thunder Mountain train ride.  The boys really liked this ride

Pat thought this was going to be a little tamer than it actually was and was quite surprised at how "spirited" the ride was.  (Notice the death grip on the hand rail)

We took a more leisurely ride on the sailing ship around the park.

I showed the boys how some jacker-jack shooting in the Buzz Lightyear ride.

Hanging out for some snacks before doing the mandatory "It's a small world" ride.

We were at the park way past dark.  Here are a few shots of me playing with the camera and slow shutter speeds. We all slept good that night and we took things pretty slow the next day and just relaxed. 

California Adventure - July 10th, 2007

The following day we were back at it at California Adventure.   The whole place has different areas focusing on some portion of California.  It was pretty cool and the boys had a great time.


Jake got a special treat at a "Making of the Toons" show when you got to go up on stage at be part of the of the act with his current favorite cartoon character "Woody" from Toy Story. 

Jake is always trying to keep up with his older brother so it was nice too have him act like an eight year old again.

Here some shots from the "California Screamer"

Duck photos by Will

More photos from the day.