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Here are some photos of the boys doing stuff together in 2005

Guajome Lake Hike, April 28th 2005





Playing on their scooters on May12th, 2005

Close up shots of Jake.

This is a five shot - one second sequence shot of Jake jumping on his scooter.

These are a bunch of pan and flash shots that are supposed to convey the action. They did not all come out as planned but it the boys had fun "hamming" it up for the camera.

Hotel Pool Party March 23rd, 2005

As part of the sale of our house on Currant Way we had to it fumigated during escrow which forced us into a hotel for a couple of days.  Casey made sure we were in a hotel with a pool so the boys could entertain themselves in the afternoons.  Here are some pictures from the boys pool time on May 23rd, 2005

Casey watched them like a hawk the entire time :-)

Jake and Will do some community service

For the last couple of years, I started taking the boys with me when I go out and help the San Diego Mountain Bike Association with trail work.  The boys generally have a good time playing in the dirt, carrying rocks, and the general outdoor stuff while doing some good by helping to keep some of our local hiking, biking, equestrian trails in good shape.   After the trail work we go out for some lunch and generally make a day out of it.  I consider this to be quality time with my kids and it is certainly never to young to teach them good values. 

It can be hard work, but the boys do real well.  They rarely complain, instead they just go off and do something more like playing.

Often times playing involves chasing critters.  Here is an alligator lizard.

Often times after these events there are raffles for mountain bike related stuff and sometimes the boys win some stuff.  On our May 28th trailwork out at Sycamore Canyon, both boys won the top prizes of riding jerseys.  (Will is wearing his already in the picture above)


Playing at the Beach

Here are some picture of the boys and one of the neighborhood kids, Gabe, at the beach on July 31st, 2005.