Anza Borrego Desert Road Trip
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AnzaBorregoDesertRoadTrip-26FEB05-01.JPG (219925 bytes)Saturday morning on February 26th, 2005, looked overcast and gloomy so the boys and I decided to do a little road trip out into the San Diego backcountry in search of some sunshine.   We were not disappointed.   We drove out Highway 78 a couple of hours through the rustic old-timer style community of Julian and down into the Anza Borrego Desert.   Part of the trip would be to scout a campsite and the following weekend and the rest of the trip would dedicated to hiking and goofing off.

Our first stop was at the Tamarisk Grove Campground in the Anza Borrego Desert Park.   After we snooped out the best stops for the following weekend we took a fairly short but rugged hike on a nearby trail called the Catcus Loop trail.   


AnzaBorregoDesertRoadTrip-26FEB05-16.JPG (176505 bytes)    AnzaBorregoDesertRoadTrip-26FEB05-17.JPG (151561 bytes)    AnzaBorregoDesertRoadTrip-26FEB05-18.JPG (173352 bytes)    AnzaBorregoDesertRoadTrip-26FEB05-12.JPG (278060 bytes)    AnzaBorregoDesertRoadTrip-26FEB05-15.JPG (261530 bytes)

AnzaBorregoDesertRoadTrip-26FEB05-09.JPG (241331 bytes)    AnzaBorregoDesertRoadTrip-26FEB05-10.JPG (244538 bytes)    AnzaBorregoDesertRoadTrip-26FEB05-11.JPG (257375 bytes)    AnzaBorregoDesertRoadTrip-26FEB05-13.JPG (201059 bytes)    AnzaBorregoDesertRoadTrip-26FEB05-14.JPG (235216 bytes)

While along the hike we got to see a truly remarkable site,  Some other hikers noticed a group of Peninsula Bighorn Sheep foraging along the steep canyon walls above us.  These animals are on the endangered species list so seeing this really a treat.   Any addition to just seeing them we got to see two of the rams doing some head butting.  They are really hard to see when they are not moving and even hard to pick on the pictures.  I have doctored up a coup of these photos to help you see them better.   

BigHornsInAnza-26FEB05-Comments.jpg (2623517 bytes)    AnzaBigHorns-1.jpg (789614 bytes)    AnzaBigHorns-2.JPG (841364 bytes)


After we completed out hike we solicated some information from a park ranger on where we could best see the blooming wildflowers that the Anza Borrego Desert is famous for having an amazing show of nature for just a few short weeks every spring.  The heavy rains that we have been getting over the record winter have made for some incredibly lush flora.

Some close up shots of the Desert Floor Show

AnzaBorregoDesertRoadTrip-26FEB05-19.JPG (140575 bytes)    AnzaBorregoDesertRoadTrip-26FEB05-20.JPG (142643 bytes)    AnzaBorregoDesertRoadTrip-26FEB05-21.JPG (163060 bytes)    AnzaBorregoDesertRoadTrip-26FEB05-22.JPG (323827 bytes)    AnzaBorregoDesertRoadTrip-26FEB05-23.JPG (143640 bytes)    AnzaBorregoDesertRoadTrip-26FEB05-26.JPG (164829 bytes)    AnzaBorregoDesertRoadTrip-26FEB05-25.JPG (186841 bytes)

The boys out in the fields of wildflowers
AnzaBorregoDesertRoadTrip-26FEB05-24.JPG (225545 bytes)    AnzaBorregoDesertRoadTrip-26FEB05-34.JPG (256827 bytes)    AnzaBorregoDesertRoadTrip-26FEB05-35.JPG (118788 bytes)

I'll shut up now as these pictures are worth a thousand words, but they still do not fully do them justice.


AnzaBorregoDesertRoadTrip-26FEB05-27.JPG (171668 bytes)    AnzaBorregoDesertRoadTrip-26FEB05-28.JPG (186115 bytes)    AnzaBorregoDesertRoadTrip-26FEB05-29.JPG (204190 bytes)    AnzaBorregoDesertRoadTrip-26FEB05-30.JPG (257860 bytes)    AnzaBorregoDesertRoadTrip-26FEB05-31.JPG (208843 bytes)    AnzaBorregoDesertRoadTrip-26FEB05-32.JPG (235394 bytes)    AnzaBorregoDesertRoadTrip-26FEB05-33.JPG (186688 bytes)

AnzaBorregoDesertRoadTrip-26FEB05-38.JPG (234887 bytes)After we had our fill of the desert floor flowers we grabbed a bit in the small town of Borrego Springs and then heading up through the mountains along a small mountain road called Montezuma Way.  We stopped once up on a plateau and hiked down a four-wheel drive road called the Jasper Trail.  We did some walking, talking, and rock scrambling, before heading back to the trailhead.   On the way back I got to have a really good discussion with the boys about being quite and walking lightly while on in nature so you can see more critters.   We had nearly 15 minutes of walking time were we just quietly walked and looked.  I can't think of the last time they were that quite for that long when they weren't asleep or in a timeout.

AnzaBorregoDesertRoadTrip-26FEB05-36.JPG (199177 bytes)    AnzaBorregoDesertRoadTrip-26FEB05-37.JPG (283151 bytes)    AnzaBorregoDesertRoadTrip-26FEB05-39.JPG (275425 bytes)    AnzaBorregoDesertRoadTrip-26FEB05-40.JPG (272941 bytes)    AnzaBorregoDesertRoadTrip-26FEB05-41.JPG (270547 bytes)

We logged in just over 200 miles for the day and quite a few hours of quality time.